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Marine Fish Aquarium

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The Marine fish reef aquarium provides the best one stop solution for details regarding marine fishes. As a responsible marine fish keeper we would always prefer to have a deep understanding of the nature of the fish we buy. This app will help you to get all needed details about the marine fish you are going to buy. Fish pictures are provided with each guide to help choose a pet and aid as a fish identification guide.Marine fishes are wonderful creatures of underwater world which has many unique social life among themselves. Marine fishes have unique diet needs –either omnivore, herbivore or carnivore, when we understand that the will thrive in our aquarium for long years happily. A major responsibility of a marine fish keeper is to have a deep understanding of the nature of the fish. The Marine fish reef aquarium is the best choice of app especially for beginners which provides information regarding scientific name, max size, diet, origin, venomous, detail description and etc. The unique feature of this app provides in-depth knowledge in red sea, indo-pacific, Caribbean and other regional marine fishes. This app would help to expand our knowledge in marine fish industry.
Most of the marine fish have unique social life behavior, some thrive alone, some like to be a pair, some like be in a shoal. With our app you can filter marine fishes based on aggressiveness so that you can buy a compatible fish for your aquarium.
Some of the marine fishes do outgrow the size of the aquarium you own. Check out the size a fish can grow to maximum from this app.
Quarantine all new fish before introducing them to your display tank and look into keeping a cleaner shrimp or two to help keep your saltwater fish free of pests and disease.Know your marine fish! We hope you will find the best information about the marine fish you have or you planned to buy using this app!
Know your fish! Its a great feeling to see saltwater habitat thrive at your place!!
Our favourite features include:
• 400+ Marine fishes database
• 36 categories of fish
• No Internet required
• Filter easily any fish by name or category or care level (Please fill in)
• You can favorite fishes
• Beautiful and accurate fish pictures
• Constant update of existing or new fish details
Categories of fishes: * Tang * Wrasse * Chromis * Angel * Lionfish * Hawkfish * Puffer * Angler * Misc * Butterfly * Hogfish * Damsel * Anthias * Pipefish * wrasse * Blennies * Dottyback * Foxface * Goatfish * Clown * Gobies * Basslet * Filefish * Dartfish * Groupers * Rabbitfish * Triggers * Shark * Jawfish * butterfly * Boxfish * lionfish * Firefish * Cardinals * Squirrelfish * Soldierfish
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